Sunday, September 19, 2010

LinkaGoGo's most powerful feature: Reminders

Here another repost, this was a tips and tricks post about one of linkaGoGo's most powerful features: reminders.

In an earlier post I talked about how I used a combination of folders and keyword/tag-searches to get to the bookmark that I need. However in my linkaGoGo setup in most cases linkaGoGo already has the bookmark that I need right on its Home page waiting for me. Thanks to the magic of the linkaGoGo toolbars.

LinkaGoGo toolbars are lists of bookmarks that appear on your linkaGoGo Home page. You can compare them with the Internet Explorer and Firefox links toolbar. You can put your most used bookmarks on this browser links toolbar, so they are right there to click on.

LinkaGoGo not only provides a toolbar where you can put your most used bookmarks yourself (the “Favorites toolbar”), but also provides toolbars with dynamic lists of bookmarks, such a toolbar that shows your most frequently visited bookmarks. As chances are you most likely want to visit these bookmarks again. And if not that bookmark will slowly disappear in oblivion, as they are displaced by more frequently visited bookmarks. Other types of toolbars include toolbars based on a keywords (tags), the contents of a folder or an RSS feed (similar to the Firefox Live bookmarks). In total there are 24 different types of toolbars. You can find and configure them under Options / Toolbars.

Today’s Tip is about a special kind of toolbar, the reminder toolbars. You must all have online newspapers, weekly/monthly magazines, blogs, websites you want to monitor on a regular basis. Examples I have are the The New York Times, The Telegraaf (Dutch newspaper), the Google Adsense website, Slashdot, the Usage Statistics for linkaGoGo, the Hot Deal club, all sites that I visit on a daily basis, once I visit them that day I normally don’t visit them until the next day. Other sites I have are Nielsen’s alertbox, PC world, PC Magazine, some Newspaper Columns, which a visit on a weekly basis. And I also have sites I visit on a monthly basis. Some sites I just visit once in a while, to check back, these are most of the time websites that are not often updated.

Here comes the reminder toolbar into play. The reminder toolbar displays the websites that you wanted to be reminded of on a particular day, once you clicked on it from the toolbar it disappears from the reminder toolbar until it is time to visit it again. So for example my New York Times bookmark appears every morning when I start up linkaGoGo in my reminder toolbar, I check out the site, sip some coffee read the news and when I go back to the linkaGoGo page, it disappeared to reappear the next morning. I might as well have the reminder toolbar, the website-visit-to-do list.

So how do you set this up? First you start by setting up reminders on some of your bookmarks. Think of a website you visit every day, now look it up in linkaGoGo and Edit its properties (Hover over the bookmark for a second or two and a menu will appear then click Edit, or click on the Edit menu and click the little pencil behind the bookmark). On the Edit page look for the ‘Reminder me’ property, by default it says ‘Never’. Click on the drop down and you can choose: daily, a particular day in the week, a particular day in the month or after a specified number of days. With the later choice you also have to indicate after how many days you want to be reminded again. Choose say ‘Daily’ and click OK. Now if you already visited that website that day it will not show in the reminder toolbar yet, until the next day. Do this for all your bookmarks that you visit on a regular basis and think of when you want to be reminded of them.

After you have set this up you are almost there, the only thing to do it to display the reminder toolbar. To do this go the Options page and find the toolbars tab. Decide if you want a Horizontal (appear on the top of the screen) or a Vertical one (appear on the left of the screen). For now pick Horizontal. Then choose the kind of reminder toolbar (it is like ordering a meal in a restaurant, choices, choices, choices.), there are 5 reminder toolbars one for each kind of reminder and one that displays all reminders. The last one is my favorite. Then modify the label if needed. Then choose how many entries you want to display on the screen and how may in a drop down list. Choose ‘6’ as the toolbar entries and ‘All’ in the Pull down entries. This should keep everything nicely on one line. Leave the numbers of characters to display at 20, if you have a small screen you can choose it to 15. Now click on the OK button to save the changes and bring us back to the Home page.

And voila, there appears a list of your reminders. Now every morning when you are still a little slow and just took that first sip of hot coffee, you don’t have to think what website to visit next, reminders already has them waiting for you.



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